Samsung LN46A950 Review: LCD TV with LED-Technology

Samsung LN46A950 photo

Samsung is one of the major players in the entertainment market. And now with the release of its A950 series in its line of LCD TVs, other brands will definitely try to match its fantastic features.

Excellent Features
Samsung LN46A950, which is the 46-inch model in this series, has almost all the features that an LCD TV can possibly have. The selling point of this series is the use of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for its backlight. Only a few companies have already employed this technology in their product lines, with the possible reason of cost. This translates to the product being quite expensive for an average consumer.

However, the picture quality of the LN46A950 is unquestionably superb that one will be willing to pay a whopping $3,500 for this LCD television. For someone who wants to take home entertainment to the next level, this unit is worth the buck.

Using LEDs as backlight, this allows the A950 series to have outstanding deep black level which produces high color quality. Colors appear very rich and accurate that it makes the objects look almost real. When it comes to dark scenes, even when in bright surroundings, the black level is simply amazing.

In addition to the great image output, the Samsung LN46A950 also comes with more remarkable features. To name a few – refresh rate of 120Hz; showing of local weather, current news and stock ticker if an Ethernet cable is plugged in; built-in recipes, games, fitness instructions, children’s section and some artworks with music.

For those who are technically-savvy when it comes to picture settings, this Samsung model will definitely be one of the top in their list. There are several picture controls that can be adjusted including white-balance, noise reduction, contrast, gamma and black adjust.

In terms of connectivity, this model has almost all possible input/output ports one can think of. For high-definition fanatics, there are 3 HDMI ports at the back and 1 on the side. There are also 1 RF input for antenna or cable, component video inputs, LAN port for the Ethernet connection, VGA port for the PC, and S-Video port at the back, and on the side – headphone jack, a USB port and another set of AV input.

Not-so-nice Elements
The concept of LED technology is that specific backlight LEDs will turn off if black color is to be projected. This gives the deep black level of this model. However, in cases wherein an image has black and a bright color right next to each other, the LEDs in this area may either turn on or off. This produces a blooming effect which makes the color quality in this specific area inconsistent with the rest of the same color.

Another off trait of the LN46A950 is the fact that the color contrast and deep black level diminishes considerably when viewing from an off-angle. This, however, like the blooming effect, is just trivial compared to the excellent output of this model.

Overall, the Samsung LN46A950 topped most of the LCD TVs in the market with its use of the revolutionized LED technology and adding more features to the consumer’s delight. The price tag may be a roadblock, but with careful analysis and consideration, this product is definitely a good buy.

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